Football Pretzel Sticks ­

  • 1 12 oz. package of pretzel rods, any brand
  • 12 oz. Wilton chocolate candy melts (you could also use chocolate chips)
  • white frosting
  • small sandwich baggie
  • kitchen scissors
  • Football Field ­
  • 1 piece of green felt
  • 1 piece of white felt cut into strips for the lines
  • small 1” strips for the field markers (Just hot glue the strips into place. It doesn’t have to be perfect and is a super cute touch.)

Directions ­

  1. Heat the Wilton candy melts in a microwave safe dish in 30 second increments, stirring every 30 seconds until melted. Let cool a few minutes before dipping the pretzels.
  2. Use a spoon to help dip half of the pretzel in chocolate. Lay on a baking sheet to let dry.
  3. Repeat with the other pretzels.
  4. Once the pretzels have set, scoop some of the white frosting into the small sandwich baggie and snip the end using the kitchen scissors.Squeeze the frosting out making the football designs on the pretzel. Place back on the baking sheet to set.
  5. Place the baking sheet in the fridge until ready to serve. I would even keep them in the fridge when not serving; my husband prefers his chocolate cold.
  6. Assemble the football field when ready to serve (optional).

*Makes (1) 12 oz. package of pretzel rods.

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