Healthy Green Gram Dosa / Cherupayar Dosa

Healthy Green Gram Dosa / Cherupayar Dosa
Healthy green gram dosa is a perfect breakfast choice for all. It's healthy, crispy, delicious and moreover simple easy to make. Try this quick and easy recipe at your own kitchen and leave your valuable feed backs here in the comment box below.
  1. Green gram (cherupayar)-1 cup
  2. Fenugreek (uluva)- a pinch
  3. Rice flour-1 tbsp
  4. Green chilly-2
  5. Curry leaves-1 sprig
  6. Shallots (small onion)-4 to 5
  7. Salt-to taste
  8. Ghee-to cook dosa
  • Wash and soak green gram and fenugreek in water for overnight or at least 5 hours.
  • Drain it and add in to a blender along with green chilly, curry leaves and shallots.
  • Add enough water to blend smooth batter (not thin nor thick).
  • Mix the batter with enough salt.
  • Heat a dosa pan on high flame; spread ghee on top.
  • Spread the batter and cook on low flame until nice golden shade in color; apply ghee while cooking.
  • Serve hot for better taste and crispy dosa.
Healthy Green Gram Dosa / Cherupayar Dosa

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